Wet Weather

GRC Council’s natural sporting fields remain CLOSED. 

The status of the natural turf fields will be reassessed in the afternoon Friday 5 July 2024 to determine if the fields will reopen for the weekend.   

For your convenience, the open/closed status of our sports fields can be accessed on Council’s website by clicking here 

NOTE: Any use of Council’s natural sporting fields whilst they have been deemed closed will result in a breach of hire and may be subject to costs associated with the remediation of the field.

Please also note that our competitiions are conducted over 3 council areas being GRC, Bayside Council and Southerland Shire Council. Decisions on ground usage of all 3 council areas affect our competition.

Following heavy rain or prolonged wet weather, natural turf sports fields within the local government area are inspected to determine their suitability for play. The assessment considers recent rainfall data and weather forecasts along with discussions with our local sports associations. Sometimes the grounds can look dry, but remain soggy and unsuitable for use for long periods of time.

Decisions regarding weekend ground closures are usually made on a Friday afternoon, particularly if the ground has been heavily saturated and if there is a forecast of more rain. If the grounds aren’t saturated, but are still wet under foot, Council may make the final decision prior to 7.00am on weekends. Sometimes the decision to close a field is made at the discretion of individual sporting associations.

Conditions can vary between suburbs, and as a result the field status may not be the same as those of neighbouring Council areas. Typically, it is not feasible to close individual fields within our LGA as competitions draws cannot proceed on limited fields.

In the event of Field Closures, it is the responsibility of your teams Coach and Manager to make alternative training arrangements if possible. 

In the event of wet weather but grounds remaining open, it is left to the discretion of the teams coach and Manager to decide if the grounds are safe for training, with player welfare given the highest priority. Contact your Coach and manager directly in these instances.

Georges River council now have a website dedicated to communicating the status of Turf Field in the LGA and it can be found here GRC GROUND STATUS

To receive Notification of Ground Status via SMS and/or e-mail, you can register directly with council here GROUND STATUS NOTIFICATIONS